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Our Story

About Veer Foundation India

There are many people in our society who are searching for ways to quit any form of addiction, but they aren’t sure how to go about doing it successfully. For such people, Veer Foundation India seeks to spread the light of hope and care. We endeavor, in a humble way, to really get yourself motivated, to give you a personal and powerful reason to come out of the web of darkness and loneliness. Veer Foundation India provides treatment counseling, rehab placement, and insurance/financial consultations for those seeking help.

Mission & Goal

Veer Foundation is there to show the ray of hope to open new doors of lifestyle and healthy living, to drug addicts. “Addiction-free India” is our mission. The focus of the Veer Foundation is to support Drug addicts to establish themselves in society with the best possible care. Over the last 10 years, Veer Foundation has successfully handled hundreds of patients and has saved their lives.

Striving to provide our audiences with quality information and assistance in their struggle with addiction is our primary goal at Veer Foundation India. We’re focused on keeping the well-being of the people visiting our site at the forefront of any work we do. Our ultimate mission is to ensure people looking for help have the tools and information to find it.

How We Are Different

Unlike many sites operating in this space, Veer Foundation India is not integrated with any one treatment center or chain of treatment centers. This gives us unique flexibility in providing access to centers across the country rather than in one location. We focus on providing thoroughly researched and high-quality information and we work to make sure our content is easy to find and accessible.

Our Promises And Commitments

We want to ensure that people feel comfortable. Our team works hard to ensure that users have access to detailed information on treatment centers, as well as information on addiction and recovery topics, so they can be prepared for their recovery journey.

We have a team of dedicated staff and medical officers that helps in processing our different sets of activities that help to make our mission accomplished. Our work speaks for us. We keep on achieving new milestones of success and giving our best for the welfare of society.

“Addiction-free India” is our vision and we hope we will achieve it soon.

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